Friday, October 5, 2007

borg ward (milwaukee) oct. 3

yesterday was pretty much hilarious.

we spent the entire day in parks laying around and playing frisbee in the grass. our record for most consecutive catches reached 24 at one point and all in all it was a successful day. alternating between going into the city proper to get little cesars, coffee, or pens (thanks rick) and then taking whatever we bought to a park and sitting there for an hour or so turned out to be a great time. eventually, it was a little tedious. we rolled up to the art space around six and got to meet most of the people who lived in the building got our shit loaded in and just talked shop for a little bit.

the place is fucking insane. there's about twelve or thirteen bedrooms on the second floor, a main ballroom area and a gallery in the front. they also had this honestly terrifying basement. apparently, the building used to operate as a mortuary and the only remnants of that is a giant "body cooler" in the basement. it is the creepiest thing i have seen in a while and i felt like we were playing an indian graveyard. the gallery in front had some great art and i think we're going to try and get this young lady, rachel, to maybe do some artwork for MM in the near future.

there were about forty or fifty people, all told, at the show when we went on and we had definitley primed a bit beforehand. played some gloriously drunk versions of 'massage' and 'you can't go there' and even threw in an improvised one called 'i feel o.k.' kids were into it, i think, and the ones who stuck around to see us were dancing and being kids. it was nice.

directly after playing i became hyper-aware of the fact that the cubs were playing game one and were likely in the late innings so we roped in a sober-ish driver and headed down the street to a sports bar on the corner. it must've looked like the fucking muppets walked in because we got some pretty interested looks, it was a definite wisconsin bar. i mean, here come a bunch of still sweating, drunk nerds pushing shit out of the way to get to the television.

no need to go into the details of what happened to the cubbies there.

but it is worth noting that nearly a minute after entering the bar we were approached by two girls asking: "are you british?"


borg ward kids put us up for the night and were super radical, but the window outside of the room we all slept in (slumber party style, complete with sleeping bags, cheese nips, and farting) was apparently the main drag for obnoxious big rig trucks. lucky us. all in all, i feel o.k. and so does everyone else. last night was tons of fun and def the best night so far which is easy to say at this point.

we're on the way to woodstock now to shower at seth's parents before our show in dekalb later tonight. this should be a trip and we'll see how the college kids like us. maybe even find a nice dorm floor to sleep on.


Lauren said...

What bar did you go to in Milwaukee? They're all pretty "Wisconsin", but I'm interested to know if it is this one that I am thinking of - Major Goolsby's? If so, then yeah, that place is pretty weird.

MM! said...

it was major goolsbys!!!!!

Lauren said...

HAHAHA!! I knew it!