Friday, October 5, 2007

otto's (DeKalb) 0ct. 4th

last night fucking sucked in all but one regard.

1>hawks lose (havlat injured)
2>cubs lose
3>we played for every guy named chad and every girl name jessi in illinois last night.

good part?

-getting paid.

otto's was pretty strange, a great room and a good staff but a wickedly B-O-R-I-N-G clientle.
i'm not gonna go into detail but it was pretty intense.

got to go to woodstock before the show though and go get lunch with dee and larry (seth's parents) it was nice. stopped by seth's house and took showers and naps and played with emma and also got a little super NES time in.
slept in the van at the I-80 bridge oasis in iowa. we have some pretty funny pictures and it also kinda sucked.
we're in omaha now and looking forward to a weekend show with some cool kids.
the drive in was ridiculous (all kinds of wind blowing the van around and making it pretty uncomfortable.)
and i am pretty sure that i am sunburned.
def looking forward to this show the most this weekend. playing with the terminals here in omaha at the hotel frank.

we're actually in a pretty heinous hippie coffee/juice bar right now in omaha and there are some interesting folks here.

words to the wise:


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dan_regan said...

DeKalb has always sucked, even back in the day. And so unfortunately do our Cubs. You're not missing much. Saturn needs tires and literally has a fucking rat's nest in the engine compartment that we need to remove. Yeah, a RAT'S NEST. Good times. Keep the updates coming man.