Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Franks Power Plant (Milwaukee)

well, last night seems like it was nearly a decade ago.
we hustled up and tried to make it in to town in time to load into the "club" since we though that we might go on first.
not the case.
we rolled in around nine to find that we were the second band there and the third playing out of four which was a relief. things were already gettin a little tense from the day of chicken-head-cutoff-ness so it was nice to cradle a beer and talk to some folks.
the bands were great, first band covered an undertones tune and there was a pretty decent crowd of people hanging around for a tuesday night. the bar deal was FREE, yes FREE, beer all night which was nice. one catch, the beers were in plastic cups that were roughly the size of the cup you wash your mouth out with when you brush your teeth.
second band was the makes nice, who are great dudes and have josh from fucking champs in the band, he still plays wailing guitar and are a riot. we meet up with them again in charlottesville a few weeks from now before CMJ whereupon we play the patio outside a fucking brazilian restaurant...
i don't know.
our show was a bit weird. played good for the first few and kinda fell apart after that thanks to another broken fucking string on the SG and a radically out of tune back-up. but the cute girl that quit plexi 3 was into it so WTF. ethan wrote the set and then at the last minute i pulled the dick move of playing diff'rent shit from the stage. executive veto. but, shit, the bands that played before us we SO garage rock and shit it was intense. didn't think they wanted to hear a bunch of grunge rock gets laughing and getting drunk for forty minutes.

but, well, that's what they got

plexi 3 was fucking awesome and that girl can play her ass off. they're always fun. i just kinda think that they might think we're geeky teenage weirdos or something cos while they're a little reserved socially, we're kinda, well, geeky (mentally) teenage weirdos.

]michael from nokarma was nice enough to put up rick and seth and let us park the van in the driveway so that ethan and i could test out the new apartment (read: van). the loft is nice and functional and after a trip to target today to pick up a pillow should be even more so the next time we need to sleep in there.

now we're lost in milwaukee, full of skillets, and sitting around in a whole foods. good times.
figure out photos soon.



Anonymous said...

jefe prolly know milwaukee since that's his old stomping grounds. so, you know, you're not missing anything here k, but me having a freak out yesterday and running laps in the pit like a four-year-old who ate too many m&ms. poc is on vacation so we go get sandwiches alone and theres a weird high pitch noise in the kitchen so no one but us eats in there now.

adios, lena

Laverne said...

You finally posted, Shirley! And from the city of our origin! If you went to the Schlitz brewery without me, I'll be very sad. I'm going through Kev withdrawl right now. Lena's comments are much more fun than mine. Those 4th floor people know how to party, and I'm stuck up on 5.
Anywho, we miss you! I'm a lame. I'll go now.


MM! said...

it's o.k.! i'll be home soon!