Monday, September 22, 2008


we've been listening to a lot of bobby darin during breaks and it's been especially helpful when we're getting things going in the weekend mornings at the manor. i feel strangely like a group of hyenas. there's a pretty tight bond between the six of us right now as we roll through the finish line here and start mixing and i'm interested to see what comes from this. Surely, we've been in a situation where we felt on the same page with people before and have definitely been charged up together, but with mike and jesse there's a definite sense of a more human understanding.
the manor is kinda like being in exile.
it is hard to imagine having to go back to dealing with real life every time we leave there.
all of our jokes are then rendered non-sensical and when people ask how the studio is, it's hard to relate any sort of memory of the events that transpired. i mean, fuck, none of them really make sense to me.

overdubs are finished on nearly every song now and we'll be ready to mix once we lay down the party vocal on '(us and) all our friends are so messed up' we should be ready to hole up and mix the fucker. things are turning out great, but it's still a little strange. tried a bunch of t-rex percussion stuff on 'helpful' and did some overdubs on vocals for 'wtf lol' (thanks, sar) the thing that really sticks out for me is the adds on percussion for 'judy' which sound incredible. ethan has really really nailed the little lead-in licks that he hears on his head in nearly every song and his guitar playing, while managing to stay articulate, is out of this world.

we'll see.
finishing up tonight on most stuff.
know i promised a song, but you might have to wait til tomorrow.

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