Monday, September 15, 2008

do both

so, we went into the studio with lust at phantom manor saturday afternoon.
things got rolling kinda slow and the rain didn't really motivate anyone to change that so we lost a couple hours to the bloody marys at the bottle. rolled in to get set up and the studio looks great. nice room to sit around and hang out in, great control room and a pretty incredible live room.
everyone got a little lit up for the first session and we didn't end up getting much in the way of takes saturday night. i think we kept three: 'cream rises', 'never living', and 'judy'. lust is hilarious to work with and i'm pretty sure i've never had as many inside jokes with someone i had practically just met than him. he kinda knows when to break up the tension and when to just let it roll, it feels great to work with someone who is so good at his job, and is willing to put a WWF microphone sound FX machine into the talk-back mic when the song sounds like shit.
sunday we got quite a bit more done which may or may not have been because we weren't totally wrecked off our asses all day. miles' upper grass helped a lot and there was more budweiser. finally got lusty to drink some of those after a short protest that was supposed to last the entire session and didn't last more than three hours. let's face it. it's the king of beers.
got going quickly, laid down miles' new one which is still untitled, 'massage', 'i don't care', a great nearly perfect version of 'rat hole', a couple versions of 'WTF LOL', laid a base track for the pagans cover, and also worked a lot on ideas for the new one we are writing in the studio called 'kinda babes'. things are sounding pretty great and the sounds we're getting are pretty right on the money. likely we'll go in and throw some prettier stuff on the tracked songs tonight and try our hand at 'neon lights' which kinda sounded like garbage yesterday.
maybe we'll take it a little easier tonight, too. i can say for sure that this weekend has done some pretty intense damage to my liver and has aged me a little bit, but it was pretty fun. i can totally see now how bands end up fighting the shit out each other in the studio. when you're getting fucked up and sitting in a room together talking about what you wanna do and someone dissents it's almost always taken as a personal attack. doesn't help when the people getting fucked up and arguing are musicians and have pretty substantial egos to go with them. there was a little bickering in front of sara and caitlin yesterday and i got kinda bent out about. decided we needed to chill and did. got some pretty decent stuff recorded after that as well and got, what i think is, a keeper for 'WTF' right after.
excited to see what happens in the next stage.
til' then.


Anonymous said...

hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I dunno. I still say the Zeus Mountain sessions is your best shit.

Ordinary Offices said...

Your best shit's in the future.