Thursday, September 18, 2008

"They painted a dog and when it got on stage it kinda just barked and ran away."

Heard some pretty great stories about ZZ top on the Tejas tour yesterday. Including one that ended like that, because when Billy Gibbons was asked what he wanted the stage to look like, he responded that he hoped it would re-create the album cover.
"So you want cattle?"
"Yeah, and every night i want a wolf to come out and howl and we'll start the show"
"Well, Billy, a wolf is a wild animal..."

yesterday was by far the most productive of the days in there and i am really really starting to become involved in this record as i think everyone who is working on it is. 'alice golden' was nearly forgotten since it hadn't been played in so long but we dropped a great version of it yesterday and it is close to my fav so far. some unexpected gems.

got done with all the guitar and bass fixes yesterday as well so we'll start overdubbing parts onto the record tonight when we meet up.

it's strange.
i know the record is going to diappoint a lot of kids as it's so much more pop than anything we've ever tried before. i am starting to abandon the strangeness of that now though. it really is kinda an odd record but in my favorite ways. it's weird to think about how when the replacements did 'let it be' they recorded 'androgynous' and 'gary's got a boner' in the same session. not that i'm comparing our record to a masterpiece like that, but i feel that there is a similar idea there.
hopefully, the rock songs (and there are some faster ones on it) will sate that need for people to bang their head.
patrick just made a good point in saying: "i don't sit around and listen to rock records" and it's a really good point.


more tomorrow and maybe a song or something.
just don't tell lust or the label.

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